Almost like Olympia

Almost like Olympia (2001/2012) is the title of a large-scale, “sewn” digital image. The title alludes to Manet’s Olympia from 1863. Olympia’s confrontational gaze caused shock and astonishment when the painting was first exhibited because a number of details in the picture identified her as a prostitute. The fact that Manet’s model Victorine Meurent was an ambitious artist and not a prostitute, as she was labeled, is a creative identificatory moment for me.

Odtisi in vtisi / Prints and Impressions
International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC), Ljubljana
20 April – 17 June 2012
Curator: Breda Škrjanec

Impressions +386. Contemporary Slovenian Art Exhibition
Calcografía Nacional, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando de Madrid
3 October – 17 November 2013
Curator: Breda Škrjanec

Tanja Lažetić: What’s Art Got to Do with It? (solo)
Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana
4 – 28 August 2016
Curator: Vladimir Vidmar

”Olympia in Almost like Olympia, a unique homage to Victorine Meurent, a model for Manet’s painting, features a woman who sought to be exceptional, but is remembered only through an ordinary moment of being one in a series of odalisques, the one who looked back at the viewer. ” Vladimir Vidmar