Untitled, only Numbers

I cut, colour, blur and destroy the digital image in various ways as if I am looking for a secret. I wanted to make a perfect body and sometimes, just because of this, the part of the body disappeard. The thread that is intertwined in the photo through a few stitches is there as a Distancing effect (Verfremdungseffekt).

Open studio at Cité nternationale des arts, Paris, May 25, 2022

Projet de résidence_Tanja Lažetić

Why do we turn the lens towards ourselves? What are we looking for when we take a photo? Photography is about time, transience, decay. I could look for the “beauty of the moment”, which is by far the most simple thing about photography, but I am more interested in the mystery that “clings” to the medium that records the “aura” (or is it steals it?). I’m trying to find something I don’t know or don’t want to know about myself. The series is being made, and I often wonder if that is who I am? And if not, who is it? I took the digital photographs Untitled, only Numbers, with a self-timer and later processed them, cutting, colouring, adding, moving and taking away details, and stitching the printed photographs with thread.

Open Studio